Die Grätenkinder are:
Johanna of Sounds: bass, vocals
Christian Heine: drums
Flori S. Corosoft Clayton: guitar
Christian Günther: vocals, guitar
Anne Baumgarten: electric organ

Anne, Flori, Heine, Johanna and Christian would definitely like to rock your local club into pieces - but of course always with a smile and not the way that comes to your mind when you think of all the embarrassing "Punkrock"-Bands on Music Television.
Really enjoying their own music and fantastic live shows like hardly any other German band around, they like to spend almost every minute of spare time on the road. Die Grätenkinder don't waste their time gazing at all the daily changing trends and fashions. Who needs them, anyway? Instead they rather wear the old brown shoes of George Harrison, with Punkrock in mind, and a 60ies electric Vox-organ has it's place in the front row while they tell you great little stories about the tidy city they live in, the roads they walk through and the lonely man in the supermarket who can't read the numbers on his cash notes.
"Schnarrrock" is what they call their music themselves, and if you're looking for some kind of a "German answer" to the Weakerthans, be sure to find it in die Grätenkinder. Enjoy today's view from the Maintower, live for pleasure, not pain. After two demos in 1998 and 1999 die Grätenkinder published their debut album "Ich hätte lieber etwas gern" on their own label Omnidor. Since then they played hundreds of concerts all across Germany. Their new album "Serviervorschlag", on Tumbleweed Records/Broken Silence, is released on 18th October 2004, and must definitely be called the best they've done so far. Don't ignore it, or one day you'll wake up thinking you missed something that's really great...
(Florian C. Gelling)

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